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Kinshofer Australia is the exclusive Australian distributor for Kinshofer GMBH.

Kinshofer is a world leader in the manufacturing of attachments for truck mounted cranes and excavators. Built to a high Germany standard, Kinshofer is well known around the world to be ahead of the competition for performance, safety, engineering and above all low cost of on going ownership.

About Kinshofer Australia Pty Ltd

Kinshofer Australia Pty Ltd is an crane and excavator attachment company. We supply high quality Truck mounted crane and excavator attachments from the Kinshofer group in Germany. We are based in Sydney and all products are manufactured in a Europe.

We cover all areas of the industry, from Demolition Tools, Civil Construction, Rail Equipment, Scrap and Waste industry. We can tailor make a complete package to suit your Business.


Rock Grabs, Timber Grabs, Demolition Grabs, Tampers, Brooms, Shears, MQP, Pulverisers, Orange Peel Grabs, Scrap Grabs, Clam Shell Buckets, Pallet Forks, HPX Grabs, Compactors, Manipulators, Multi Purpose Grabs, Heavy Duty Grabs, Tilt Rotators and much much more.


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PO Box 8161
Sydney Australia