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The hallmark of our industrial product range has always been to equip our clients with a world leading selection of quality products and accessories. Whether it be providing crane attachments, or excavator grabs, it is our goal to become the leading suppliers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout Australia. The Kinshofer Group is based in Germany and is renowned around the world for their impeccable quality and superior craftsmanship. They have set the benchmark in terms of design and safety and continue to exceed their own achievements with an ever evolving and improving product range.

Excavator attachments Brisbane

Specialised crane attachments for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications

We understand that our clients rely upon the durability and functionality of our products to allow them to complete their work to the highest standard. This is why all of the attachments designed and manufactured by the Kinshofer Group are built to a German standard. We even offer speciality demolition attachments for a range of construction and removal projects.

Customised attachments for excavators, cranes and more

If you require an attachment for a specific project, then speak with our experts today and we will be able to offer a tailored solution to suit your individual needs. With a wealth of resources and a highly trained manufacturing team at our disposal, no challenge is too complicated.

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We’re always happy to speak to our clients regarding our product range of excavator and crane attachments available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and beyond. If you want to speak to our dedicated team today for an obligation free quote, or for any general enquiries, you can reach us on 1300 546 746. Alternatively, you can reach us on our online form and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.