Rotating and 5 finger Hydraulic Grabs for your Excavator

Durability and reliance are two things we know you look for with your tools. You want something that can get the job done, and stand the test of time. We have made sure that you can get some of the world leading excavator equipment at Kinshofer Australia. Based in the heart of Blacktown, Sydney; we supply you with high-quality products that are manufactured in Germany. We have a team that is dedicated to making sure you leave with the best products possible, making sure any excavator attachment that you get can handle any job you throw at it. Our huge online catalogue is sure to meet your excavating needs.


Any job covered with our Hydraulic Grabs!

We know what you look for in a hydraulic grab, and we make sure that you get top of the market quality. Our grabs are available for many different functions, including our 5 finger grabs and rotating grabs. With the ability to handle high capacity loads, the hydraulic grabs we have are a must for the industry. To make the job slightly easier, we have also made sure that our scrap shears and hydraulic grabs are top of the range. Not only do you have the comfort of knowing that your hydraulic grab is made with the job in mind, but also due to its high-quality nature that it is a safe option for you and your workers. Our great Sydney team at Kinshofer Australia are here to offer the solution that you have been looking for, with the ability to cater to a range of models so that you can find the right attachment!

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No matter what you are looking for, from hydraulic grabs, scrap shears, rotating grabs or 5 finger grabs, our team knows how to help. Talk to our team today to get all the information about our world class product range displayed in our online catalogue. We will aim to make the process of finding your next excavator grab as easy as possible, so that you can get the job done fast and effectively. You can either submit a message to our team on our page, or speak to us directly by calling 1300 546 746.

Kinshofer is Australia’s leading provider of crane attachments and excavator grabs. See our full online catalogue for more!