Tilt Rotators that are the best for Australia

Just like your wrist needs strong bones in order to move your hand, your excavator needs a strong tool in order to reach all angles. Increase the flexibility, durability and precision of your excavator with our tilt rotators! Kinshofer Australia have German manufactured equipment which has earned the title of one of the best available worldwide. Knowing that your tools are durable enough to handle any job, invest in high quality equipment that is reliable and accurate. Our team will be able to point you in the right direction so that you get the best tilt rotation to complete the task with ease.

Our Tilt Rotators

Be confident in knowing that you can now rotate your excavator attachments with superior tilt rotators. Kinshofer Australia are aiming to make sure that you can easily get your hands on first class equipment for your job, and get the results that you have been looking for. Allowing you to reach a large range of rotation and hit the angles that you need to is what our German manufacturers had in mind when designing these tilt rotators. Our compact design is built to make sure that your team is safe when operating heavy machinery, eliminating the possibility of damaging pricey equipment and allowing workers to have control of their work.

Our full range of tilt rotators are the sure-fire way to make sure that your equipment is in the mechanical hands of security, allowing you to have peace of mind. Smooth control, exceptional tolerance and the safety of workers in mind, our tilt rotators are the missing connection that you need! Check out the rest of our online catalogue to see not only our rotators, but our excavator attachments including grabs, buckets, shears, tampers and more!

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Kinshofer Australia is sure to provide you with products that are able to get the job done confidently, proficiently and effectively. Our range of German manufactured equipment are leaving a variety of customers satisfied worldwide. Making sure that we are on top of any advancements to improve the quality of work, and create superior solutions is something that we hold highly. Contact our team today to receive any advice needed to make sure that our products cover all of your needs. You can either call us on 1300 546 746, or simply contact us through messaging on our page. Being Australia’s leading excavator and crane attachment is not a title that we here at Kinshofer brush off lightly.